The Story of Pilt-Ola

Lysefjords most famous hiking man

Pilt-Ola( 1779-1858) was a business man from Songesand in the Lysefjord. He had business in sardins, reindeer farming, salted fish and a lot of other things.

He had a catchword for he,s life: Belive in yourself!

Did you know that Pilt-Ola walked around the whole Lysefjord in 24 hours. He also walked to the USA from the Lysefjord, the journey took 7 years.

On his shoulder he always had a lunch packet.

The packet we now produce is a packet ,set together for let you taste the area Pilt-Ola lived, worked and hiked in. Oh,Pilt-Ola himself would loved this lunch!

Inside all of our lunchpacket you will find a flyer, with all contact information about our producers of the packet. On the other side you will find a true story from the Lysefjord!

There you will also find the famous Pilt-Ola.